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Yesterday was all about sunshine, food and friends. Oooooh and gin! Spend literally the whole day in the garden. Out there for breakfast coffee with Nix in the morning. We all showered and dressed and got back out there by noon. What a glorious day.

Scar arrived first, and then Faith and Marina2. Faith as always brought amazing goodies and had us screaming with laughter, her voice carries quite a distance, and I do hope the neighbours have learned something about fisting, food poisoning and travel. Not to mention the price of houses in Enfield. I do hope she moves this way, it'd be amazing to have her and Chris local. Den turned up, minus Erica, who's Mum broke her hip guiding tourists around The Globe Theatre. But she's back in her own home just a week later, what a redoubtable lady! Kayleigh and her plus 2 came in the evening, so I did a second raft of food. They'd been doing Snowdon, so that was woofed down. Rod popped in for an hour or so, having been on shedding duties.

I loved being mama hen and did all the prep and cooking twice, and washed and cleared up once, refusing help, and just enjoying letting my lovely guests talk. A very raucous and naughty selection of conversations, I think the younger members were somewhat shocked and surprised, but hey! That's how you learn ;)

Feeling grand, despite 11 hours on the gin! I hope Nix is OK, she doesn't generally drink that much!


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May. 13th, 2019 02:25 pm (UTC)
Tiff had to pick up my slack this morning, as I was busy chucking up the nothingness left in my stomach, after managing only two hours of sleep! Murphy supervised my every mad dash to the bathroom, often running through my legs, helpfully. So Tiff packed c for me a at my direction and dragged my arse out only an hour later then planned. I was not OK until about 1pm, after finally being able to tuck away a decent meal. I've not been that hungover in many many years! On the train to Paris now and feeling fine.
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