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Shoulda Gonna Gym

What seemed like a fun potential date was very dull, and I'm really glad I had only agreed to a drink. That lie about meeting friends for dinner at 7 is a useful one! And swooooosh, I was gone. I honestly am of the opinion that I should've gone to the gym, then I would actually have achieved something! I had more fun and laughs last night, by a long chalk, and we didn't do anything special!

However, I have eschewed the gogglebox tonight and gotten loads done, so all is not lost. Fundraising for Nightrider/Natasha's charity sorted, Part 2 of 3 of my studies completed. A very brief interlude on my crosstrainer. A leftovers dinner, which was as good as yesterday. Foxes fed. Reignited a chat line, as the name of it suddenly popped into my head after 11 years! Plans firmed up for tomorrow - really looking forward to seeing the girls. Weather check for the Marathon on the Sunday, and really looking forward to that too. And Nix is 2 weeks away now, yeee haaaaa!

Two great sadnesses yesterday. Faith's Dad died and our receptionist at work, who's had 2 miscarriages already, lost her baby shortly after birth. Each brought a reminder for me. The knowledge of my own parent's frailties, and their advancing ages. And the loss of my 4 babies via miscarriage and abortion. And the awful stab in the heart I felt when Nix told me she had miscarried, after a life time of thinking she couldn't conceive. I was enjoying a sunny lunch break in the park at Russell Square when she called to tell me. There are no words, so I just cried. I feel a fraud, being so un-earthmotherly, but fecund. But recognise that's how the dice roll.

The smell of sage is wafting.


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