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Perky McPerky! And Some Controversy....

Today it's all about spring, floral dresses and lunch breaks in the sun methinks!

Last night Rod came over for dins, nothing spesh just OOD pork, but it's the first proper dinner I've had this week really. So eating a good meal, ample red wine, a chillaxed night laughing and telly watching, and some jiggy jiggy, PLUS a night of decent sleep, has left me feeling jolly perky! That and waking up curled round the snorry-purry blokie. I woke at 6.38, before my alarm went off, with sunlight streaming through the window, but decided to stay where I was until the alarm told me otherwise. I felt alive and happy. Still do!

Oddly, I am having a period, which I guess is part of the menopause process. The last period I had was 12 years ago at Lovetrix! Before that, 26 years ago after Lucy was born. There's nothing to like about periods, they are an inconvenience.

Yesterday Texas put a man to death by lethal injection. Now, I am aware that most of my friends do not condone the death sentence. This man, who was a know white supremacist, and had a tattoos of a black man being hung, swastikas and KKK symbols. He chained a man to the back of his truck and dragged him for miles, to death. Then dumped the body outside a church. For no other reason than he was black. My only objection to the method of execution. He should have been hung, and allowed to piss and shit himself in fear and terror before he died.

Next. Extinction Rebellion. These are not the usual great unwashed/rent-a-mob protesters. These are white collar workers that took a week off work to join in. There are 84 year old granddads. These are scientists, economists and people who can prove what they are saying. Their (mild) civil disobedience highlighted very serious issues that affect all of us. What a fantastic group. https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/about-us/


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