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I woke up at 4am, watched the sunrise, and persuaded myself not to go back to bed. It was far too nippy to go out in just a t-shirt, but going back to sleep would've meant the towpath getting busy, and I don't like that. Instead I studied the canals website and worked out a route on google maps, to dodge the closed section. My mission, London proper, at an easy pace.

I went the usual route down to the same cafe and had a coffee there, felt fine, and happy to continue. From there, a few road detours, and back on the towpath, following it round as it snaked into London.

I decided to stop at Hackney Wick. Mindful of it getting warm, it was 24 degrees by this time, and I needed to cycle back, which I did, at leisure, stopping at Tescos for some rotten corner on the way. Got tailgated by what I thought was an arshole and followed round the block, It turned out to be Rod, filming me!

Celebrated my 168km 4 day staycation with a discounted pizza and a glass of squash.

I feel fucking fabulous! And I think I'll sleep well tonight.

I know I need to learn to do hills, and probably to ride more suitable bikes too. But me n Brunhilde have had a most marvellous four days out, and I have surprised myself. And loved it. And I've photographed a swan and her eggs, a heron and a full-on rave on a punk canal boat!

I am very mindful of friends with the mentals at the moment. One I've sent flowers to, one I've had literally crying on my shoulder and another I've arranged a day out with next weekend. Pills help, but I am hoping that knowing somebody cares also helps a bit.

Back to work tomorrow - for a rest!


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