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Up early, and on the bike by 8.15, headed first to Waltham Cross to pick up a parcel, and then home for a quick coffee, the offski, then same way as I went yesterday. Caught up with Chris and Lorraine on the boat. They offered me a day's cruising, and I was sorely tempted, it was so lovely out, but kept to my plan. Which was then thwarted by the towpath being completely dug up and impassable near Stamford Hill. Had a fantastic slap up Full English (at lunchtime) in the Waterside Cafe, where Chris and Lorraine caught up with me again. Had to stop a few times for water on the way back, it was so warm and I was incredibly dry. But 50km completed, yee haaa! My PB. And tomorrow, all being well, I will attempt to get up early and go out on Brunhilde again. However, back much earlier as Joe and possibly Scar over for the drinking of wine in the garden in the afternoon.

So, my knees ache a bit, but it's my bum that is the hurtiest. Poonani not too mashed, due to Rod's improved saddle positioning. And I'm getting the start of a really awful cycling shorts tan!

I had a chat with some old, fat boys at the cafe. They asked where I'd come from and was going to, and I proudly told them. Had the wind taken right outta my sails when they said they'd cycled over from SIDCUP! But good on 'em keeping fit and active.

Tried Tesco on the way home, and lo! My purse had been handed in. Of course the credit cards etc are no good now, but at least I don't have to apply for a new driving licence, staff card etc, so I'm pretty pleased.

I chucked all of my cycling gear in the washing machine as soon as I got home, and to by utter, utter delight, there was a cub in the garden! He's still fluffy and has a white tip on his tail. He isn't keen on Fatso, and scarpered. But I'm pleased to bits. Maybe the two adult foxes I'm feeding are parents? They were nowhere to be seen today.

So, all in all a bloody lovely day, and I am more than 80km in to my 120km Easter Effort! And I'm loving it. Now drinking free wine, and about to see what's on the TV, although I suspect I may fall asleep.


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