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So, having accidentally put 6 kilos on since Bangkok, and with Donna needing to lose 7 kilos before her surgeon agrees to her op, the game is on! Plus I have dropped to 128 in the gym ranking. That's actually quite good for my age, very good in fact,, but NOT good enough for my competitive spirit! So, game on, and I am already 3 days in and feeling pretty damn good. Low carbing not zero carbing. Sweet n juicy strawberries for lunch today! And walked as much as I can. No gym tonight. After effects of my 45km are still twitchy calves and slightly achey knees and thighs. Much better than walking! Loitered in Tesco instead, got beef for 50p and made myself a smashing stir fry.

Had a massively positive day today. Got my acceptance for volunteering for the London Marathon. Run 26 miles I can't, administer several thousand people I can! Booked lunchtime Pilates classes near work, starting next month, after totally giving up on the Laura Trott ones, you can never get in. Some major corporate espionage. And I've started my distance learning course, currently engaged in lean environments and process maps. Nothing to do with my work, just something to get learning again, before I tackle the big work one.

Guest list for Rumpus confirmed. Problematic as I don't think I have anything Victoriana or Futurama. Hmmmmmmm. Have to have a ponder.

Last night I caught up with Blue Planet. Just awesome, I was nearly crying. Don't think I'm going to have time for TV tonight, it's gonna be an early one, fingers crossed for a non-flushing night!


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Apr. 1st, 2019 10:45 pm (UTC)
I'm doing Lean 6 Sigma currently. It's this what you are studying?
Apr. 4th, 2019 03:28 pm (UTC)
I've looked your up, similar. Very dull stuff.
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