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Ups n Downs

This morning, full of the joys, I was up early, and after a mere one mug of coffee, hit the trail. Or rather the road, from here to Hoddesdon, 12km return journey. Which I did in a reasonable time, aided by eggs benedict half way. No real ill effects, my arthritic knees are swollen, my ankles are a tad sore and my back aches, all expected. Hopefully this will improve as I do more. And I got in and out of the bath unassisted, what more can a gal of my age ask for!

This afternoon, I did a spot of gardening and read some more of my book. Then, for reasons unknown decided to walk over to the shops and return a couple of items. Imagine my surprise, when I got to the front of the queue, to find that instead of new clothes, I was carrying a bag of old socks and tights for the charity silo, LMAO! But it added 3km to my walking, so not all's lost :)

This evening has been catching up with documentaries. And as neither of my invited guests wanted to come for dinner, I stuck my veal in the freezer, and instead cooked myself a big, steaming bowl of gnocchi with a sauce of Gorgonzola, nutmeg, cream and spinach. ABSOLUTELY delicious, and all the more so for making it myself.

I haven't spoken to a single hooman bean today. Modern times I suppose. That makes me a bit sad though, nobody to share my achievements or food or thoughts with. Ah well, the cats love me :)


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