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So I did it.

Last night I went to a feminist blacklight neon paint rave, with a lesbian 20+ years my junior. And had an absolute blast!

We hit a small local pub first, that turned out to be trendier than it looked from the outside. We were amused at frightening the locals with our UV'd and glittery faces, and we did get some looks, but it was fine. And lo, some fellow party goers (you could tell from their attire), arrived shortly after. I think we may have found one of the very few places left in Hoxton to get two drinks for under a tenner! And they had comfy sofas, the bar is tiny, like sitting in somebody's lounge. Win.

Macbeth is a fun venue, with reasonably priced (for Hoxton) drinks and really lovely, friendly bar staff. We went in, there were already people half dressed, so I just took my kit off and stuffed it in my backpack. Scar changed into undies n fishnets, and we started painting! The Sharpies are best, the powder paint gets absolutely EVERYWHERE, but it's all good fun. A mixed crowd, I was one of the oldest, but there was a guy there who was at least 70. And all colours, shapes and sizes. It was sleazy, it was fun! People were social but respectful, no groping or gawping, but those who did want to get it on with each other, both could and did.

Only one downer. As I got out of my Uber in Hoxton, a black dude, clearly off his face, wanders up to me, flops his cock out and enquires if I'd like to touch it. It was a nice cock, and under better circumstances, I may have been tempted, but he looked like he was going to charge me for it, so I declined.

Not sure what time I got to bed, silly o'clock anyway. Woke up in my hotel room, thinking I'd had a lie in, rushed down to brekkie (cuz it was free) and discovered it was five past eight. So now Imma gonna have a nana nap, before going out to do "stuff".


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