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Despite feeling grim, did the food shopping and took 2 big bags full of clothes back to Next.

Blanket donated to charity, then 2 circuits of the gym and 2 hours on the bike/44km which is my personal best in terms of time and distance. I am going to ping Rod later for some improvement ideas I have. I need to get to 85km, which I CAN do, my legs are fine, the pixie letterbox is the issue. My ankle was a bit hurty, so came up with the idea of taking the pedal strap off, which was perfect.

Was going out tonight, but my presence isn't wanted, so instead I will read bit more American Gods, watch some of the TV stuff we've recorded and have a well-deserved bath and body scrub. It's bally cold anyway, and I need to budget this month, so I really don't mind!

I am going to attempt to get up early and do gym/bike again before going out. Fingers crossed I don't have another rough night, although it's not something I can control.

Rod is picking me up post-op on Monday, which is lovely of him. However I still have the massive issue of gas to contend with. I don't think I can undergo that op again without it. Last time was just gruesome. I am going to beg to be put to sleep, the first time was a doddle! It's making me quite stressy, but there's nothing I can do.


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