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I am thinking about doing something majorly new, but it'll mean visibly giving up things I like and have loved for years. But it's good to step outside your comfort zone sometimes. Problem is, I have no safety net and I'm 53 this year. So it's a difficult decision. I need advice and reassurance, but there's nobody really.

The menopause alert may have been a central heating-related issue. That made me laugh!

REALLY want to smoke right now. I rushed home, put my jammies on and did a very early dinner to stave off the idea.

In order to even think about achieving what I want to do tomorrow, I need to spend much of tonight doing things. The way things are, that's probably a great idea.

Have spent a lil too much on entertaining people (mostly a one-way street, which is fine, better to give than receive) and given too much to charity, leaving not a lot for January! Never mind, that'll teach me! And no harm at all in living simply for the rest of the month. I have most of the things I need to last me through anyway, being the thrifty shopper I am.

All of the crimbo food is now GONE, thankfully. It's all made me put weight on. And tomorrow will see a big change. I need to get back in the bike saddle, back in the gym and back weight watching.

Mentally tough times.

Back op on Monday. Nobody to escort me, so I'll just lie and hope for the best.

Doc's for the ankle on Weds although I walked half an hour yesterday and today, and it has eased off a lot. However, still want to get to the bottom of why it's happening.


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