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Jan. 1st, 2019

Yesterday I was humbled by several friends, thanking me for being their friend. A couple via private means and the rest in public places. Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry. One of the things on my mental to-do list, is to keep encouraging and supporting those special friends. Another is to make new friends, especially the going out variety.

I am having a big ponder over re-launching the pro domming again. I do enjoy it, and for sure it's gotten me into a lotta places, but it's hard without support.

I have given myself 2 physical challenges, both secret. However, until the ankle is mended, they are both firmly on the back burner. I would also dearly love to go to Italy again, and I'm looking at a small cycle tour, the kind where they take your stuff, you just pedal. And of course there's delicious food and wine. I would also like to return to either Oz or Cambodia. Absolutely blessed with a visit from Nix in mid May, and my Corfu week at the end of May - it's odd, the moment I type that, I visualise myself on my balcony, overlooking the blue, blue sea, with my vino cheapo and my books, planning my walks and costal swims. My early morning exercise laps of the pool. Gingerly climbing down the rickety old steps from the jetty, avoiding the big rocks, to swim in the sea. Who knew, several trips ago, that from heartbreak, I would find this little bit of (cheap) paradise!

Last night was amazing. Lots went on, but not one person picked up their phone ALL night. This is what happens when your host mixes a cocktail of guests, all of whom can hold witty and delightful conversation. Plentiful wine, bloody gorgeous food. I was sorry when my cab came, but an excellent night with lovely people, and I must remember to ask E for the details of the couple who moved to Bergerac. Vic was on form and actually made a Pavlova in front of my eyes. It was all great. But next year will be different.

Today I went for a bike ride. Not far and not fast, but it was a gorgeous day and I wanted to get out. I think I was a tad too hungover if I'm honest. When I got back home, I found the stuff I'd wanted to return to Next in the backpack I was carrying. Still, at least I didn't fall off.

Eating leftovers, pretty yummy.

The rainbow tree is packed away, so that's Crimbo and NY survived!


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