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Frolicking Naked

Winter Solstice has passed, and tonight is a full moon! What an auspicious eve to commune with the goddesses! Later I shall venture, naked, into the garden and give thanks.

No thanks for my ankle, which is getting worse. 3rd Doc's appt due on the 9th, because that's the earliest they had! Limping really badly now, and it's doing my back no favours. This morning I went for a lovely ride, because being on the bike doesn't seem to hurt much, had my Christmas nails done, that was all seated obviously, and food shopping in Tesco, which was rammed of course. However, it's done and I am prepared for my Xmas Eve guest, which is good. What I don't get is why my ankle is so bad, when I clearly haven't overdone it! I'm getting so naffed off with this ongoing issue, repeated "soft tissue damage" is meaningless, I need to know why, and how to prevent it!!! It really does curtail my activity levels, and I'm resentful. I was meant to meet the gang i town tonight, but no chance :(

RICE yah yah baby. 6 weeks later, it's worse!

I am doing something different during the day tomorrow. Nt sure how that's gonna pan out. And I think Sarah and Tony are visiting.

I honestly was pretty dismayed at the manic consumerism going on in Tesco. It was quite disturbing really. Maye more about Christmas later, I need to put my foot up!


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