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Oh No He Isn't!

Panto was shite! Laughably bad. The worst character being The Handsome Prince, who was in fact seemingly Diane Abbot with coconuts for a horse. A vag was flashed, yes a real one (and hairy, Rod was apalled), for no apparent reason, and there was a lot of pointless swearing and sexual reference, and not in a good way. I've seen better school productions. However, it was free, and there was a delicious Vietnamese Pho beforehand, and we laughed at it as opposed to with it, but we laughed, me n him can make fun outta shite! So a good night.

The smoking is still not happening, which is good, but the cravings haven't gone, which isn't. Also not good is the feeling I'd eat the cats if they kept still, I am eating a lot, no smoking is doing that. But I find losing weight easy, not smoking very hard, so I shall continue apace with the not smoking and re-diet when the food cravings have stopped. And it's Christmas anyway!

My Christmassy stuff is done and dusted, and I've managed not to overspend at all. Not that I have many to buy for. Even the tree and the new decs have come in under my budget. Not doing a great deal, Christmas Eve is feast day, I guess.

As I seem to have had rather a lot to eat and drink, not to mention late nights, this week, tonight is gonna be an easy one :)


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