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I'm A Little Bit Proud

This morning I got up in the cold, dark drizzle, dropped off a bag of things to the charity shop, and went to the gym. It was horrible, however, I have climbed up to 92 in the rankings. Not bad from 280.

Then I Santa'd up, and trained into London. It was freezing, a very cold wind, not good when you're wearing a mini and no proper coat. I dived into a cafe for a bacon buttie and a coffee and waited. In all, I waited an hour for Scar, she didn't turn up and didn't reply to my messages, and still hasn't. Anyway, set off with a crowd of late Santas, god knows where! There was no official route, the plan was to head to the river, via every possible bar. It was great fun, even though I wasn't drinking. Such an amazing, friendly atmosphere, everybody was just lovely. Didn't manage to catch up with Santi though, which was disappointing.

It finishes (allegedly) at 5, I stopped at 2.30 after starting at 10.30. My ankle had had more than enough at that stage, in fact I very much overdid it, but it was worth it. I want to do this again next year with more people! I finished shivering with cold and almost crying in pain, but I did it!

A also have not had a cigarette for 24 hours. It's been excruciating again. I've been on the Champix for a week now, but I am taking double, in a last-ditch attempt to stop. The side effects are depression, nightmares, severe headaches, my teeth really hurt and I'm feeling very anxious. But I have done 24 hours, so that's a start! That's why I didn't drink on Santacon, I think alcohol would've made me want to smoke, and I am trying SO hard not to.


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Dec. 8th, 2018 05:41 pm (UTC)
:( I'm sorry things did not go to plan.
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