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Santa Baby

Don't stick a sable under the tree for me, the anti fur activists will throw paint at it. But being the thoughtful person I am, I have done you a helpful list, so in reverse order.......

10. Perfect eyesight

9. The ability to walk in very high heels again (I am managing lower ones)

8. A 10 kilo weight loss. 20 if you're feeling generous!

7. The magical ability for the garden to constantly do itself.

6. Somebody to come and do all my Ebaying for me.

5. A safari holiday to Africa, so that I can see all those amazing sights in real life.

4. A small runaround car, with endless insurance. And petrol

3. A house in Europe with the sea on one side and mountains on the other. In a small town or village if you don't mind. Somewhere warmer than here.

2. More hours in a day, I have so much to do.

1. Somebody to love me.

I'm not greedy, you can just pick your favourite 3!

It's the longest night tonight. I'm tired, so I'll miss it, but I'll know when I wake up, we will be heading towards the light and spring again. New beginnings. Yes, the bitter cold and rain that always comes with January and February, but not long now :)

I'm feeling positive.


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