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When In Manila

So, I am number 280 in the gym. 9 days away and several days with a painful ankle have lost me all the points. Fuckitt I thought, not having that. so I pedalled, in pissing rain and wind, and did gym. It's OK, it all seated so no strain on the ankle. And then cancelled the hairdressers as there's absolutely no point in that weather.

Then I had to go in to work. More biking in the wind and rain. The systems issues which started earlier in the week, reared their ugly head again. Did a temporary fix, we'll see how that lies tomorrow. It has to be done though, because it affects the business SO badly. I can't just leave it.

After that, went on a Bumble date, and that's another one added to my looooong list of blocks. I hadn't really talked to him that much, but he was in Oxford Street doing his Christmas shopping, and I though, why not. He was all over me, in an unpleasant way. No matter, I have another chap to meet on Wednesday, he's got a boat and a showman's wagon and hopes to pique my quirky and vintage side, although he's younger than me. And another rather posh chap called Julian from Welwyn has been a-wooing also.

Undecided as to what to do tomorrow. Depends on how the ankle feels. I don't want to take many more of the painkillers as they make me feel so out of it. However, I also am undesirous of pain!

Tonight I have a few Ebays to list, and then a delightful labour of love, just me for me, and I'm feeling very squeeeeeee about it *grins*


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