Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

Pit Pony

So up early, in the cold dark and wet, for an early start. Issue resolved.

Came home in the cold, dark and wet. So that's me consigned to pit ponydom for the duration. As I work in a basement, I literally have to force myself out at lunchtime for daylight! And I do.

This evening I have tidied up the underwear drawers, with yet more discoveries. I can only imagine I was planning to be an alluring temptress, and forgot to do it. My bad. On the plus side, it feels like I've got a slew of new things. Some of it is actually unworn with labels still on.

A wonderful, hot soak, hair washed and oiled. Fresh sheets on the bed.

Made DIY duck noodles. Not so nice. Decided no alcohol again today, I'm sure self and Dawnie will make up for it at the weekend.
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