Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

Found. But Not Lost

This afternoon, I searched for a couple of lost items. Didn't find them, but instead found my amazing stash of girdles, longline bras, suspender belts and stockings. But they weren't lost. They were there, where they've always been. Forgotten in the humdrum domesticity that is life. Some brought by myself, others gifted by boo. Not the hugest collection, but enough to fill 3 drawers. They've had 2 rebirths, perhaps it's time for a third.

I went for my ride at lunchtime. Gobsmacked to find I'd only done 5 miles in 3 hours, but I was off the old gerl quite a lot. The valley is hibernating for winter. The paths are heavy with leaves, the trees barren, the water dark and brooding. But the birds still need feeding. And so I did, with a full box of Weetabix, end date 2013! By myself, but had a terrific time, and made sure to greet every single person that passed by.

Afterwards, did my pie filling. I am not a chef or even a good cook, but my pursuit of trying continues. Quite enjoying it :)

This evening I have cracked on a bit with Ebaying. Later I shall watch Escape to the Chateau. You gotta have a dream!
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