Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

Trying to travel with a kit bag with a lot of stuff poking out of the top, in rush hour, is...........interesting! Some funny looks!

Been offered a freebie to Antichrist tomorrow if I play. If I can actually find something I want to wear, I'll go cuz it's sold out. The play there is good, not see keen on the music, but free is free!

Potentially have a date for Saturday although my heart isn't in it. It's not what I want. But I may go for a night out anyway!

Sunday, hmmmm. There's a small car boot locally, may hit that early and then get on me bike. It's been 3 weeks since I've done a longish ride, the weather is favourable, and I need to make the most of that, cuz it won't be for long.

Work stupendous today. Everything I touched turned to gold. Must've been the good start. Sexy Aussie :)
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