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One Night in Bangkok

So, saved the sleaze for the last night.

Michael and Guy came to our hotel, we quaffed wine and cocktails, and some platters of food, and set of for what's locally called "Boytown". Unsurprisingly, it's a gay area, packed with gay clubs and bars. Flashing neon, pretty boys and most clubs don't charge you anything, just pay for overpriced, although not extortionate drinks (think London prices instead of local prices). All of them seem to have rotating shows all night, so you can skip from one to the next merrily.

Fresh Boys is one of the better ones. As you would imagine, yes, there are live sex shows, competitions to see who can whack their cock and dong the pole hardest, drag queens - actually, bloody fabulous queens, such amaziiiiiiing outfits, cock sucking and all sorts. It was good, but the sad element is, each boy has a number badge on his pants, and they are paraded both on stage and around the club, multiple times, and you can buy one for a quickie or to take home.

Right down at the end of the strip, the 3 of us (Nix and Tiff had gone home early, Tiff had an early start with a cookery class and Nix has lost her voice!) sat centre stage and watched the bottom end of the market do pretty much the same thing. But this one had a whole large aquarium on stage! Quite amazing really. But the boys were substantially less attractive, saggier and older. I felt sorry for them.

I've been drinking beer since we left the hotel, Michael thinks I'll be drugged if I order any sort of open drink.

Because the girls had gone, we didn't do the ping pong bars, but as the boys have no objection to doing them, that's a must-do for next time. And it's Michael's 50th next year.

So a late and great last night.

There has been so little sun here all week, that I have the very meerest hint of a tint. In fact I may doctor all of my Facebook posts to say I've been in Greenland, not Thailand. It's now almost 4am, I have no intentions of going to bed, as I know I won't sleep. I will arrive home tomorrow evening, haggard and grumpy, but I have enjoyed this trip. I haven't been as social as I would have liked with N&T, and I will make up for that when they come to the UK in May. It's been an absolute joy to spend time with Michael, he's barely changed over the years, just not quite as wild as he used to be. And his partner Guy is soooooo lovely.

And that's me, holidayed out for the next 6 months.



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