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1. The total recharge. Corfu is an excellent example, and I'm booked for June next year already. It's 75% read books, swim, soak up the sun, drink the vino, contemplate. 25% go for early morning and late evening walks, day trip to somewhere new.

2. Immersion holidays, such as Italy or Cuba. Do Airbnb, live like the locals, explore history, costal regions, soak up the culture and eat n drink locally.

3. Family n friends visit - Oz is great, staying at the farm or with Nix n Tiff, or going down to Wiltshire to stay with Mel and Si, or Lin in Wales.

4. 24-72 hour city break. Cheapo flight, cheapo hotel, do as much as you can whilst you're there, spending as little as possible, whilst maximising enjoyment.

5. Activity - several walking and climbing weekends, which have been great fun, especially with friends. Everybody contributing and helping each other.

Haven't done a cruise yet, and not really sure of it's appeal. Still haven't glamped, and it's been on my to-do list since forever, camping has been great fun.

Now I know I can do 25 miles in 3 hours, ergo 50 miles a day, I would like to do a cycling tour.

The lure of mamma Africa and a photo safari/beach weekend/waterfalls is huge, although out of my price range unfortunately.

The simple pleasures of travelling around France, Spain, Italy or in fact many regions in Europe never lose their allure.

There are so many places I've been lucky enough to have visited, and would love to go back to.

I'm reading Colin Thubron again, Asia this time, and that's dangerous. He describes things far too vividly.

So, if only I had a lot more time and money.......


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