Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

I think it's a good thing to be honest and open, even in the face of everything.There's too little honesty in the world as it is. I'm glad I said it. People deserve to be told the truth.

I've never really been afraid of my feelings. I don't mind what others think, I don't live life for opinions. I have the courage of my convictions.

Haven't brought a lot here. earrings and bangles, very cheap frippery. Tomorrow Nix wants to head to a market, and as I haven't been out for the last couple of days, I will try to join her. The lack of shoppingness has been unreal for me really! A cheap mani wouldn't go amiss either.

No more jollys til June next year, bar a short zip to Bruges with Dawnie for the Christmas markets in December, with ridiculous timings of course. However, I've scored a couple of 1st class tickets on GWR, anywhere, so toying with the wilds of Devon or Cornwall maybe. Or Wales. Scilly Isles appeal. Something more "back to nature".

I have 2 invites for Christmas, but I want to be home alone with my boys. I am doing a tree this year, first time in years! It's going to be absurdly trashy, and I will love it!

And for now, let the tigers come with their claws. I am not at all afraid of tigers.
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