Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

Bangkok by Night and Other Surprises

After an incredibly relaxing day, we headed off into the late night markets. Here, it transpires, they go on til 1am. There are several to choose from, Nix decided, and off we went to Rod Fai, about 20 minutes away from our hotel.

Bangkok TOTALLY transforms at night, it's a neon jungle, lights and brights everywhere. Music pumping, bats jumping, I love it. It's also safe, friendly and you don't get ripped off (unlike Phuket and Pattaya). And it's CHEAP.

The market was huuuuuge, and very very hot n humid. 80% humidity even at 11pm. A plethora of uber-trendy clothes, cutesy accessories, local goods and the weird and wonderful, of which there is plenty. We did street food, very inexpensive and very yummy.

And home in a tuk tuk!

I have been pondering the differences between Bangkok and other South East Asian places I've visited. More on that another time.

Back in my lovely cool suite, I find somebody wanting me to front a new fet club, and a load of free tix for good events.
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