Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

I have not slept at all tonight, urghhhh. And off to River Kwai in an hour and a half. Not good.

However, yesterday was good.We got Tiff measured up for a 3 piece suit at a lovely tailors, Mr Nagy, very professional, had a wander, had pedicures, visited Terminal 21, which is a huge shopping centre. The main shops aren't interesting, but there's a myriad of side alleys filled with local designers and craftsmen, excellent. Tepanyaki lunch, a wander of the gourmet market and then some poolside time. Followed by a delightful 90 minute massage with the most wonderful lemongrass oil. I spent a lot of the time drifting off into rudey thoughts about anal sex. It was a Thai lady masseuse, so no idea why!

Michael picked us up in the evening and we went to a local Thai restaurant, Cilli Culture, superb food.

I'm horribly jet lagged, but I do smell yummy!
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