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So a week or so ago, I was told by a mutual friend, that Rod's new gf was not a patch on me. My reply

"I'm not interested".

Oh but she's short and frumpy and dumpy!

"I'm still not interested".

One of Rod's complaints (there were many) was that he felt he was in my shadow. So fine, I can see precisely why he wants a plain lady, so he can feel he can shine. I know perfectly well that I am too much for most people. I have leather, latex, feathers and furs and I love 'em. When I corset, which isn't often, I am a goddess. That's a hard act to follow.

That doesn't make me better or worse than anybody else, it's just me being me. I was a fabulous me long before Rod came along. In fact, when we met I was wearing a full corset with trailing feather bustle, with both arms up somebody's arse. I don't care what you think about that, and never will. I am what I am. There is no substitute.

I have not, and refuse, to rely on anybody else's approval. Most people reading this absofuckinglutely can't touch me. There's a bloody good reason I get in places for free and get massive discounts everywhere. Like it or loathe it. I AM MISSP. You can't win. She has cultivated friends in high and low places over the last 20+ years. She is a Trojan, and sticks by her friends through thick and thin. Today, she spent 50% of her day looking after an older friend who'd lost his partner, 25% looking after the leader of today's pack and the remaining 25% helping revive a friend who'd collapsed and spreading her not inconsiderable wings to prevent people from gawking or intruding.

However, in spite of me saying everywhere that was humanly possible that I was at LAM, Rod decided to turn up with his Plain Jane. This was very obviously his choice as I'd put it on Facebook, Fetlife, our mutual calendar and posted a lot. That's quite cunty, but typically Rod. He's there in some shiny t-shirt thingy, she's just plainer than a plain thing from plainsville. She did not speak a single word. I very much doubt she was aware of the fact that he'd set her up. However, I can confirm, she is dumpy and frumpy. And as our friend said, not a patch on me. She pawed at him constantly for reassurance, but there was none, as Rod is out for Rod. I feel sorry for her, she probably has no idea about the lying and cheating she's already subject to, or the Herpes. Poor cow. She's doing her best. Although I can see very well why he has swapped challenge for compliance, it won't last.

I could have stayed and made a spectacle of it. But instead I left and did cocktails nearby. Maturity, or not caring? Both probably, and the fact I was in excellent company. Of course I still love him to bits, and of course it's gratifying when he downgrades, but looking at it, he had no option. A decent bloke would not have put his gf or his ex through that. Submissive does not = non entity. Well, LOL.......

An important milestone for me. You can love somebody to the moon and back, but if they decide, and it is a decision, not to change, move on and let somebody else enjoy the put downs, lies and STDs. I was right to chuck him out.

I will always, ALWAYS love Rod. I cannot change that. So I have accepted it. I have also accepted that he's decided to remain a liar and a cheat, and ergo is not worthy of me. If a miracle comes our way, I'm all ears. But I'm moving on meantime. And unlike him, I won't be downgrading.

A busy busy week ahead. Mostly of pleasure! And I need to pack!


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