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Oct. 28th, 2018

Today was hilarious. Woke up groggy from a late night, to find a message from Dawnie to say no walkies for her n Phil as it was cold and wet. Fairy nuff, I said I was happy to cancel, Pete n Mandy chime in with the same. Pete n Sandie say still going. I go to the shop as I'd run out of milk, and lo, the sun is out and it's actually pretty lovely. So apart from D&P, it was all back on again. All done via multiple FB chat. I love the net!

So today we did 7ish miles in 2ish hours, around Herts, and seen foals and goats n wabbits and some absolutely stunning houses. Over a few stiles, got a wee bit lost, as is the tradition, and ate a fulsome Sunday lunch in a country pub, with the dogs under the table, nobly assisting with leftovers.

My knees barely twinged and I feel great for getting out n about with mates :)

Tonight lover and I caught up with the hilarious Gordon, Gino and Fred - Fred, much to my delight, when he laughs a lot, snorts, just like me! I really hope they do a new series, it was fabulously funny, marvellous scenery and great food. And the a programme simply entitled The Ghan. It's a train that goes from Adelaide to Darwin, almost 3000km. I wanted to go on it on my last visit, but I'm afraid fares staring at $2000 for economy are outta my league. I did the Overland from Melbourne to Adelaide and adored it. But the programme was something else, a riveting watch. No speech, just the journey, which they had cleverly put informative subtitles on, and when and where something historic had happened, they CGI'd it into place. Bloody clever.

Not sure if I can be arsed with dates this week, holiday is nigh!


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