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Fancy a Quickie?

Oy vey.

Got on my bike and pedalled this morning, in the rain. Halfway to the station, the chain snapped. Pushed it home, in the rain, got wetter. Called a cab and was late. First issue at work was a parliamentary minister from an antipodean country, who's agent had booked him and an aide in, but had somehow not managed to confirm the other 25 people in the entourage. Fully booked, not a lot to do but send a list of alternatives. That was followed by an angry lady on Ebay who TYPED IN CAPITALS to make her point, followed by lots of "!!!!!!!!". Apparently despite printing a label directly from Paypal and producing on the spot the official proof of posting, it's my fault her dress has gone astray. Hey ho. That was followed by what I can only describe as incessant niggles. Went to gym with Marie, tired, but did OK. First full sesh since I became ill 2 weeks ago, and boy, does it feel like it! I ache. But that's good.

Last night I made a beef stroganoff for K, from scratch. Jamie Oliver. Was absolutely fine. Watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. A very powerful and emotive film, I loved it. Cheese wine n chat. I am getting to like her more and more, we are hoping to do a local pub quiz nite in a couple of weeks. It was lovely to have some company :)

Tomorrow will now be not visiting the rents as I need to get the bike chain fixed and then crack on with a few jobs. Means I won't see them til after Bangkok now. Sunday is a walk and lunch with the gang. Should be fun. Debs joining too, ace.

Dating, I am very blahhhhhhhh. There are a few interesting propositions, but nothing I'm exactly gagging at the bit for. And I'm not exactly turning into a little old lady sans a man. Still missing boo, what can you do *shrug*.

I lost over a kilo this week, but last night and tonight I've been jolly norty. I am strictly telling myself to bloody well rein it in. I want a loss again next week. I'm doing good, I have steady progress.

Have replaced the slaughterhouses and cruelty with rescues. Unfortunately, I'm crying even more, can't win! Guess I'm just totally soft hearted when it comes to animals.

Steak and kidney pudding. My absolute favourite meal my Mum used to make me. When I left home, she always used to send my home with an enormous one when I went to visit. Right now I have it on the brain. Far too many calories of course. And nobody can make 'em like Mum :)

Sent corsets off to Lulabelle for her Halloween costume, I hope one fits.

Finally caught up with First Dates this evening - the celebrity edition. I am so chuffed for Melinda Messenger. Such a lovely person, I hope she gets her Happy Ever After.

I didn't manage to do my "I am amazing" homework. Did have a stab at it, but I kept getting upset. I explained this to her, but she's insistent I do it. The problem is, I am just a very ordinary girl, who has had the luck to do some amazing things. I don't feel that makes me amazing. I'm not saving lives or discovering new countries. My life is my life. My friends and lovers have made my life amazing. She sez I've made theirs amazing too, and I suppose there's a point there. Somewhere.

Due to the piggery last night, I eschewed lunch and went for a walk instead. Glorious autumnal colours in the trees. Giant maple leaves around Coram's Fields. All falled to the ground, making a leafy Canadian path.

No, that wasn't a quickie ;)


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Oct. 27th, 2018 09:03 pm (UTC)
The very last thing you are is ordinary!

M x.
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