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I Openly Wept

All of the way through Gary Oldman's Churchill. He was magnificent.

It pulled no punches. It showed the great man as the grumpy alcoholic that he was. It also showed how he took our tiny country, and made us invincible. With brash, bold ideas, by not following convention, by sticking his neck out, by conviction, by not following the crowd. By having the balls to stand up, have a very contradictory opinion and by following it through. By being outspoken and unpopular. By an awful lot of UP YER BUM.

It isn't hard to see why he was voted the Greatest Briton Ever. But of course, I am biased. I've known that for years.

Now, quite apart from him sharing lots of traits with me. He also has a lot of shared traits with Boris. Which I shall get to momentarily.

Cast your minds back to Mistress May becoming our leader. Oh she's just a caretaker PM, of she won't last 6 months, oh she won't last till the end of the year. She'll go after the Brexit law is through the lords. She won't be able to handle the Tory Grandees. She won't cope with the Eton Boys. She won't cope. I said she was a bloody hard worker and a dark horse. She's been PM for more than 2 years now. True fact.

And so back to Churchill. Reviled. Madcap, maverick, too "out there", doesn't listen to Europe. Too ambitious. Dangerous, reckless, poor PR, rich bloke, boys club, Eton tosser, I could go on...............but basically it's Boris.

Nobody believed me when I said May would survive, and she has. Nobody believed me when I said Boris would lead this country. But nobody believed Churchill would either. And yet he did, and won WW2.

Perhaps it's now time to stick our necks out. Perhaps it's time to become Great Britons again.

In other news, most of today has been in bed. And I am going back there. I feel dreadfully ill.


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