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Bad and Worse

Woke up on Friday feeling full of 'flu, with the prospect of as long journey to Wales and a weekend with Dawnie at lovely Linnie's. By the time I reached Paddington, it was full blown, so I brought meds in Boots and carried on, hoping. Lin quite rightly points out it's taken me 5 years to get to Cardiff, and so I felt I should make the effort. Making the effort pretty much spoiled it for her and Dawnie, as well as making me even more ill :(

We went to a great tapas place in Penarth for Friday dinner and to the new Heaney's restaurant on Saturday. We had the 10 course taster menu, most of which had no taste to me at all, although I can confirm I now love horseradish sorbet. My continued illness pretty much nixxed all of Lin's plans for the weekend, I feel bad about that, and just ill. Really really ill.

The journey home was the slam dunk. Train from Cardiff to Newport, then a replacement coach from Newport to Swindon, and then a train from Swindon to Paddington, that was so packed, it was standing room only. Rod collected me from the station, made me an awful ginger beer, lemon, chilli flakes and decongestant hot drink, and unknowingly saved my soul. Partially with his penis again LMAO!

I've had a hot Radox bath and really don't feel better. So I'm going to bed, and there I'll stay.


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