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Can't Believe My Luck

So, today I cycled to Hertford and back, no stopping either way. Not at all bad for a plump gerl of 52 with slightly dodgy knees. An hour and a half each way, and I wasn't killing myself. Not that you can, on a path strewn with dog walkers, 3 year olds on stabilisers and phone-zombies!

Had a very delightful lunch with Kayleigh. Sat in the back garden of the Dog & Whistle. Lovely food and a good catch-up.

Came home and whizzed through the housework. Rod has been whilst I was out, and did the guttering that had fallen down, Extremely grateful. Loads of stuff to get in the green bin tomorrow.

People think I lead a charmed life, but I worked hard for all of the above, one way or another.

I have a few chaps I'm chatting to online, but I'm not really into it. I keep stopping and starting. I am honestly not over boo, so perhaps I am just wasting mine, and everybody else's time, which I hate to do. I'm grateful that people find me attractive and interesting, and want to take me out and all that. But nobody is quite what I am looking for. Den has accurately pointed out, that I want sweeping off my feet again. I feel it's unlikely to happen. I have a big personality, most men are not confident enough.

I am trying hard not to book more trips. Running away solves nothing, although the relaxation and the tans are great.

So tomorrow I will tackle the garden! And who knows what the wind will blow me :)


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