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Paradise Found. And Lost.

I have looooong wanted to go to Africa. My ideal being climb Kilimanjaro, go on photo safari and finish with a few days on a gorgeous beach somewhere. I keep looking for this elusive ideal trip, and I've found it.

And here it is

Nairobi, Lake Victoria, camping at the marvellous Ngorongoro Crater and on the Serengeti, with safari drives. Then 6 days trek up Kilimanjaro. And then fly on to Zanzibar for the beaches. Just too perfect.

The lost part comes from the fact that this trip is £4k. Which I can't afford, but of course I could find a way. The second issue is that they aren't running it next year. And thirdly, unless the NHS decide to do something about my knees in the next year, which is very unlikely, I would possibly not be able to do it. In a glimmer of good NHS news, I have an appointment, to get a referral, to go on the waiting list, to have my back op re-done. Fuk noes when that might be, the Doc's appt isn't until 4th October, the machinations of the NHS are slow, so probably not this year. But, on the positive side, due to exercise and weight loss, the second op lasted a year longer than the first. Every cloud n all that......

I'm going to keep looking at these dream trips, and I WILL go.

Meanwhile, I have decided to go ahead with the trip to Puglia and Sassi in Oct 2019. Accommodation booked, I'm just waiting for flights to be released from LHR. Stansted flights are terrible timings, and overpriced. I've told the girls I'm going, happy to have company, or go by myself. Steeped in Italian sunshine, food, wine and history, what's not to like!

Tonight, I hit the gym after work, came home and mowed all 3 lawns, mostly in the dark. Weeding n trimming will have to wait til the weekend, as I have plans planned every evening this week.


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