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This weekend was full of win, on every level.

I'm currently enjoying Claret, with some excellent Stilton. Having just painted my nails teal, and located my gorgeous MASSIVE cocktail ring in the same hue. For work tomorrow. No, not doing anything special, I've just decided to be spectacular.

Today, I got on my old dear, and pedalled to the lovely village of Nazeing, via Bumble Green, to meet Den and Erica for lunch. It was hard work, hills in 23 degrees. But worth it. Not for the meal, which was decidedly average, but for the excellent company and the exercise. I never get bored with those two. Erica made a comment about her enjoying waiting on Den and Vic, and I said that's why I'd never make a good subbie. He said, I would, given the right man. Looking back, when we had visitors here, I went into 50s housewife mode, so maybe he's right. And I did ping the wolf, who answered be at almost 4am, but I am taking the (probably) wise decision not to go there. I will write more about him another time. But I do enjoy looking after my man, when I have one.

They offered to chuck my bike in the back of their car and take me home, but I felt confident enough to tackle the roads, so I did. My face is a tad sunburnt, but not much. My squaddie tan has worsened, but I can live with that. Didn't fall off, didn't cause any accidents and did 23km in an hour and a half, happy with that, with my ONE gear, LMAO! I prefer that flats though!!!

Had a bath, did my report and watched Bodyguard. Didn't mow the lawns, but frankly m'dear, who gives a damn!

A really GOOD weekend of friends and laughter. Some naughty and some nice!


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