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The Calm Before the Storm?

It's been a calm week for me. I've lost 2 kilos, which really surprised me, but I've been mostly well behaved with exercise and food. Celebrated with a bottle of wine and some Ben n Gerry's last night, LMAO! I get really snuggly under my pink Refreshers blankie, usually with Fatso, and watch my allocated televivion. last night it was Grayson Perry's Rites of Passage. Brilliant, he's so intuitive in the way he presents.

This weekend is brill. Dinner with Lin and her festival people in Shoreditch, I think at Hix, although not sure. Saturday a pervy party in a farm house in deepest Essex with Douggie. I've had all my latex out, I don't know what to wear though! Sarah's people are glitterati, so something amazing. And Sunday lunch with Den n Erica in Nazeing, although I am perturbed that the venue has nowhere I can secure my bike. Which naffs me off as I may have to pay to get there. I could go to Broxbourne on the bike and cab the rest I guess. Need to look at a map. None of this is gonna help my diet is it!

Stayed off the dating sites largely. Feel better for it. Will go back on again when I feel like it, there's no rush.

I read a travel article at lunchtime today, and it's reinforced a dream I have. I want to do something more meaningful and with more of a sense of achievement. Rapidly fading tans just don't cut it. But a lot depends on finances and how my ankles/feet are. At the moment, even walking in heels is an ambition!

Wonderful card and gift from Nix, that was my only major emo moment this week!

Am hoping for the emotional calm to carry on through September. I am trying to think before replying or commenting, which is working for me (so far!).


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