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A Game of Halves (Sort of)

In August, I set out to use less, consume less, spend less and at least attempt to do more beneficial things. The results are in.

I have cut the amount of rubbish I put out by a third. My bin is never full now.

I have cut my alcohol consumption by half, this means a cost saving, a health saving, a calorie saving and a recycling saving.

I doubled my Ebay sales to 1 item per day, average £10 per item.

I doubled my exercise efforts, and as a result I'm now ranked 21st at the gym and have gained "Diamond" status. Platinum and Mission Impossible levels to go! And I've lost a couple of kilos, gaining muscle and bone density.

I doubled the amount donated to charity, in both money and goods. Goods, well, it helps to be more in the moment when there is less clutter around you. Money, in spite of having little "spare", I have what I need, and not everybody is that lucky.

I have cut down smoking by a third, and moved to a brand 20% cheaper. A health and money saving.

Zero Ubers and just 3 station trips in a taxi (going out, drinking) means I've cut my extra travel expenditure by 75%. All on the bike these days! And judicious Public Transport planning.

I have all shopping delivered on a saver plan, it's cheaper than coming back by taxi. It also means I don't impulse shop, everything is planned out. Plus each night I gym, and at weekends, Rotten Corner is my Lady Bountiful.

So, I've cut my intake, consumption and carbon footprint. Used less, done more. Pleased with that, although still plenty of room for improvement, and so I'll carry on. If you wondering why, it's in memoriam.


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