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By The Grace of Dog

I went to the gym after work tonight, it was 90% empty, and I felt a bit sorry for myself, nothing better to do, and nobody to do it with, and then.......

Discovered one friend was knocked off her bike by a car, and has broken her back in 2 places. This happened over a month ago, but I've only just caught up. Photo of her in hospital looking very bad indeed, and thank the goddesses she was wearing a helmet.

And I also found out that the boy I used to be best friends with from about 11 to 18, has had 3 heart attacks, is huge, has diabetes and apparently people are "after him" (I spoke to his brother, didn't ask why). A huge shame as he was so good looking, fun and vibrant all those years ago. I can't even contact him as he doesn't have a phone and is now back living with his elderly Mum n Dad.

So all in all, grateful for the health that I have, and for the fact that gym is an option open to me. Very grateful indeed. Luckily, I had already put some extra effort tonight, and I am currently ranked 26th in the gym. Pretty pleased with that, and that I've managed to keep it up.

Now Ima gonna make a killa chilli con carne!


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