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Did I Get Lucky?

I didn't have sex with anyone for self-validation, boredom or make myself feel attractive. I didn't exploit, lie to or manipulate anybody. I was honest with the people I didn't want to see or speak to again, and delightfully coy with the one I did (that worked, he's asked me on another date, I have accepted). So yes, I was lucky, self respect and integrity intact in every way :)

Saturday I cycled to Hertford and back, shaving 45 minutes off my last time, by both going faster and not stopping to take photos. I am really pleased with my efforts. Due to social engagements, I won't be able to do that for at least the next couple of weeks, but I will try and fit in a couple of 20km+ rides to keep my hand in. And make the most of the lovely weather!

In the afternoon, I lawn mowed all 3 lawns, with my spanking new lawnmower. What a beauty, I am in love!! Plus, you take her out of the box, plug her in and away she goes. No putting together! I needed the blades lowered and followed the instructions *faints*. And then did weeding. So 3 hours biking and 3 hours gardening, I was good for nothing Saturday night!

Sunday I went down to visit the parentals. They are fairly good, Mum still having issues with multiple hospital appointments to shuffle...eyes/groin surgery/leg. And of course, they still have to talk about Rod. They don't bother asking about my dates. I suppose it's hard for them to understand, hey ho. They just want me safe and happy. I did some cleaning whilst I was down there. They need a bit of help. And for whatever reason, came home, took the nets down and washed those, and did a load of bleaching at home too. Rod fixed my garden vac while I was out, what a star, so doing that tonight.

So all in all, a very busy weekend.

My sorrow was finding the rotting body of the fox cub in the garden. I couldn't save him. RIP little foxy xxxxxxxxxxxx


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