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This Is Adulting

Instead of buying a cheapie lawnmower, I have purchased one that is durable enough for the big garden, and it’s obstacles, and light enough not to hurt my back, and has a decent sized grass box. My shiny new machine gets delivered tonight. £3.95 for same day delivery from Argos, it’s cheaper than getting a cab!

I have also purchased some small steps, for decorating and jobs around the house and garden.

Met a new date last night, he’s from Ware, 56 semi-retired banker. Has travelled a lot, so we had lots to talk about. He was fun, and gave me lots of lovely compliments. I’m not sure about him, but have agreed to another date instead of just saying no. I’m finding this very difficult. I am still gutted that Rod just waltzed off into somebody else’s bed, but he’s like that. I’m not, and I need to build up MY confidence, the confidence he constantly undermined with his cheating. I am recognising that I wasn’t important or significant enough in his life for him to keep his cock in his pants. I will not be rushing into another relationship unless I feel substantially more secure than he ever made me feel.

Next week I’m doing 2 more dates, that’s ample.

I’m going to attempt biking for breakfast tomorrow morning, but only if the muscle in my calf has calmed itself down. Common sense is telling me it’s possibly not a great idea, but the route means I can jump on a train at several points.

Sunday I’m going down to see the ‘rents. I was going to have a “me” day but that’s selfish.

Next weekend I have The Earl’s party in London and I have Sarah and Mike’s party in Essex the weekend after. I don’t have a suitable date to take to either. But I’m still going to go, because who knows who you might meet, and what fun you might have. I have decided not to buy new outfits, I have a plethora of lovely things, and must resist the temptation to waste money on wanty not needy!

I’ve only had alcohol twice this week, and I’ve kept on plan with gym and weight loss, 1.4 kilos (which frankly is amazing after the weekend at Mel and Si’s!!!).


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