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Top of the Pops

Lucy tells me I should apply for First Dates again. Or go on a Vampire dating site!!! NO idea where she got that from, I do bite a bit, but I've never been down the Count's road! Apart from that, my work hours don't really fit in with being the un-dead. Nice outfits though........

Above notwithstanding, I am chatting merrily to several keen chaps at the moment. There are 3 main contenders, but I am limiting myself to 2 dates per week, so one either gets dropped or waits. I can't go out every night and gym and attempt to keep the house in a reasonable semblance of tidiness. There are so many men interested in dating me, I'm quite surprised. I'm 50+, plumper than I'd like to be and I'm not rich, I don't own a home (or even a car!), and I'm not really sure what I do have going for me? A zest for life. Childlike optimism. A good organiser. Loyal. Affectionate, tactile and loving. I suppose some people value the things I do. I've a big smile, a wicked laugh and more than a twinkle in my eye still.

Donna has just pinged me a photo of the dress she's making me, I'm pleased as punch already. Lots of colour.

Absolutely loved loved LOVED watching First Dates Hotel with Rod. Bring on the romance!!!!!!!


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