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There's No Place Like Home

I've had a fantastic weekend away in Wiltshire, with an array of friends, all of very long standing, and met some new ones. I'm tired, but feeling very much at peace.

The ocassion was the imminent removal of Mel's nip and a bit of boob. No, she doesn't have cancer, yes, she has had multiple issues over the years, all resulting in pain and discomfort and numerous hospital visits. Her decision, was a hard one, but absolutely right. But it's harsh. Very bloody harsh. No woman wants to lose those parts of her femininity. It will be a blow when the time comes, but she has a fantastically supportive and loving partner. And he won't love her any the less because she's missing some tit. I'm sure it'll be a rollercoaster of emotions for her, but she will come out the other side. I looked back on my blogs recently, and it wasn't long ago my Mum was half dead, placed in an induced coma, and then had her leg chopped off. But you cope. You manage.

I was asked recently why I stay in this house with all it's memories. Easy. It's my home, and it's where I have experienced many extreme highs and lows. But love lives here. True, I do not have a partner, but I did and the passion was enormous, the love was extraordinary. I have no need to flee that. I am unafraid of ghosts. Plus, my beloved Gizmo is here, and Madge is in the garden, sleeping. And if love wants to find me, it needs somewhere to look. So here I am! I have toiled in this garden, I have painted these walls. My memories are here. I have more reasons to stay than I have to go, for the time being. This is my sanctuary. I feel calm.

So, I choo choo'd down to Westbury on the train, it's only 2 hours and £22. Bargain! Met by both Mel and Si at the station, and escorted back to the house. We spent the rest of the gloriously sunny afternoon, sat out on the deck, chewing the fat. Eve arrived, and we ordered up enough Chinese and That food to feed a minor South East Asian country, and ploughed through that, and some amazing memories.

A late night, of course, and an early morning, thank you Jess and Tom! But I LOVE those dogs! They are just so adorable, big Spaniel eyes looking up at you, and the constant power struggle of who gets to sit next to who,. It's like a furry bag of eels, constantly.

Bloody good nights' sleep, although I do really feel the "country air" it knackers me! A good sleep is on no benefit if you're yawning your head of LOL.

Off to the most amazing country farm shop cafe for breakfast. A huge plateful of really fresh, excellent quality food. An absolute TREAT! And £8. If you want to know where the pork sausages come from, look out the back, oink oink, it's a farm shop after all.

Back to the homestead, and us 3 ladies prepped food, and Simon was chucked out, bless him. And then, in ones or pairs the ladies arrived. A very eclectic bunch, but we all seemed to muddle along perfectly well. I was taken by one of Mel's neighbours to visit their 2 Savannah cats, like Bengals, but bigger. Fell in love with them.

But quite apart from a weekend of excellent company, meaningful conversation, and FAR too much good food, you have Tom and Jess. The 2 slightly mental Spaniels. So, so very adorable. Tom ended up at the emergency vets, I am pinging Mel first thing for an update. I really hope all is well.

The last time I visited with Mel and Si, we were there for Rod's amazing Army Cycling Championship victory. Such a proud day for me!

ASs you get older, you realise life is made up of a smorgasbord of memories. Some neatly interwoven, and some patchworked in, with careless, hurried stitching. But it's my life, my memories, my loves and losses. And I am richer for them all, as well as for the enduring friendships I am lucky enough to have been blessed with.


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Aug. 28th, 2018 05:00 pm (UTC)
xxx snogs
thank you for coming all this way - even if was for margin price of £22!

It was just lovely to see you and catch up - I know was mostly chinwagging and eating, and more eating, but sometimes nice to just chill and pass the time.

Tom is of course right as rain now... despite best efforts to scare whole bunch of women shitless and a rather expensive trip to emergency vets in the middle of an afternoon tea party.. suspect just twanged back like a human does sometimes.

I am not looking forward to Friday and the whole removal of a part of me, but needs must and its not critical or life threatening so I suspect will get over it. I will nickname the scar and be delighted that I (and others lol) can touch my right breast by accident or design for the first time in 10 years without me leaping to the ceiling or sounding like I'm in labour with pain.

Lovely to see you our wonderful friend xx
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