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Big Night Off

There's no Ebays to post, no meal to prepare, no housework, no date, no cats to feed, no bike to fix and no lawns to mow. No washing up to doto do, no hair to do, no laundry and no stressing over things I can't change.


1. Ping cuisine one of the curries I brought from rotten corner. Cheap and delish!

2. Paint nails baby blue. For no reason at all.

3. Watch Grayson Perry (that looks good and I always enjoy his perspective on things)

4. Drink wine.

5. Find an outfit for Earl and Tankie's party, as it just dawned on me it's 2 weeks away. I don't have a date, but I do thankfully have a free hotel room :)

6. Don't worry, be happy.

Last night's date has been given a gentle let down. Tomorrow's date has been blown off. He'll pursue of course, but he can wait. Organising things for my weekend away can be done after gym tomorrow. Train changed to come back Sunday evening, so I have Monday free now. For what, who knows!

The only blip is a slightly sprained ankle, but it's walkable, albeit hurty.

Various people have been kind today. And thoughtful. It's made me feel less alone. Apart from Greg, who asked me why I'd come to work in my pyjamas. I thought I looked trendy, and my darling boy Stef was very complimentary. There's just no pleasing ALL the gays!


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