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Feeling Like a Winner! (ish)

The first time I attempted the 25 mile round trip from home to Hertford, Rod had to push me about a third of the way back, and I don't think I was "right" for about a week after! Subsequent attempts were much better, albeit with multiple rest stops.

Sunday, I was magnifique! 1 stop each way for a slurp of coffee, and of course a Full English in 'Spoons. And ya know what? It wasn't overly hard, and I added 2 miles, just because I knew I could. I am incredibly chuffed with myself. About 3.5 hours, as I slowed for a few quick photos. And the inevitable chaos of dog walkers, anglers and idiots on phones not looking where they were going. AND I BLOODY WELL ENJOYED IT!

Back home, made my parental call.

"Have you seen Rod" - No, not for 2 weeks.

"Why don't you get back together" - Because there's no point in chosing someone who didn't choose me, and clearly isn't missing me.

"I think you're daft" - I know you do. Things were different in your day though, you had to put up and shut up regardless of how badly you were being disrespected.

"Well maybe you'll find yourself a fella" - Maybe I will. I have 2 dates this week.

I'm getting better at this, my voice only wobbled a bit.


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