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"Why do you lot spend so much money on something that spends most of it's time in your drawer or on a floor somewhere?"

Good question!

I don't. My current one cost the princely sum of just £7 new, in Marrakech. The last one I stopped using because the continual use was rubbing the ponyskin fur off, and leaving a bald patch. I have a handful (or should that be a clutch!) of evening bags, all have seen a lot of use. None designer. Some vintage 50s numbers, all bargains from boot fairs, vintage sales or eBay, but still no designer. Michael Kors, Radley, Kipling, Ted Baker et all leave me cold. They are for identikit wimmin, who need to fit in. Cookie cutter "designer" shopping leaves me cold. I cannot be a better, nicer or more successful person due to my handbag. It's a status symbol I don't need.

I have brought a few Vivienne Westwoods in my time, because she designs very different looking bags. Which I use and then sell on for profit. But I haven't felt the urge for a while.

So to answer the question. I don't. And if you do, you're sheeple. Baaaaaa!

Of course, people can spend their money as they choose. If having an expensive bag makes you feel good, do it.

Anybody who wants to gift me with vintage Gucci or Hermes, please do. I absolutely WILL feel better! But I'd rather have something quirky and original.


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Aug. 17th, 2018 04:08 pm (UTC)

Have to say I agree, I've listed after a few, very few in my time, but the most I've paid for one is about £100.
It bugs the hell out of me when I see young women like my niece blowing their hard earned wages on bags.
Saying that though, I shall never give up my search for the holy grail of handbags, one which is beautiful, unique and the right size and spec to do the job

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