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August 15th 2010

Aug. 15th, 2010

8:14 AM

Epic weekend!

And more to come, LMAO!!

Friday....one of the guy's leaving do at the TA in Hertford. Preceeded by boo getting the catsuit Donna made me for his birthday. He sez "awesome", and he's right!! He looks fabulous in it, and we got asked countless times where it came from. So, catsuit and fur boa-gillet-things, complete with flashing lights, makes it's first public appearance there.

The whole night was drunken and debauched, and very funny. Chris was chuffed with his presents, lots of people were quite ill, and there are hundreds of photos. Not sure what we can do with those though, hahahaha! Brill night.

Last night, dinner at the fabulous Shaka Zulu in Camden http://www.shaka-zulu.com/ What an amazing place! Good food, and great service. We got a special deal, I wouldn't pay full whack, but we were impressed. Well worth a visit. Then off to the comedy club with Chris, Lin, Guy and Margot, where we had a very amusing and naughty time. So good that everybody was on top form. Left Chris there, hoping to pull. As he'd been double-dumped a couple of days before, he was looking kinda prodatory!

And we finally got ballooning! Wheeeeee! More when I'm less tired. Going back to bed now-ish.

Vicky's BBQ this afternoon, then some collapsio this evening :)))


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