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This morning Erica pinged me and asked did I want to go for brunch with Den. I was still in bed, so declined. But it got me to thinking what a great relationship they have, and that's what I aspire to. She knows full well we fancy each other, but she also has the confidence that he's a man of honour and integrity, and would never do anything to negate their relationship. And of course she knows she can trust me implicitly. I would not have been at all happy with Rod going for brunch in the same situation, because he has no "stop" switch to tell him what's unacceptable or is going to upset people. He doesn't have that solid alphaness about him, and he was never to be trusted, as he frequently and delightedly told me. Our relationship would have been so much deeper and more intimate if he'd been more Den in his outlook. Instead he chose Jack The Lad.

Today I've been flitting betwixt Ebaying and housework, with £50 of AW calls thrown in. So not the most exciting of days, but pretty productive! It's drizzled most of the day here, but it's warm enough for me to be padding round in my mini dress and flip flops. The saddest thing is, clearing away the cobwebs. It's their homes, poor spiders.....


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