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What a word!

I woke up this morning in a frenzy, having had very highly sexualized dreams. Rios, escapades in caravans on nudist camps, the paying voyeur and lots of other naughtiness. And I haven't been near xhamster! Possibly part of the late night conversation and gins last night, who knows, but it certainly woke me up happy!

Today has just whizzed by, I've been incredibly busy at work. No breakfast or lunch, thankfully I've got a large portion of leftover chilli to smoosh shortly.

Tesco's have just delivered, and I forgot to change things, arghhhhh, but never mind, it'll all get eaten. And I forgot milk, I always forget milk.

The fur monstas are indoors due to the weather. Fatso is content, Murphy is completely stir crazy and attention-seeking. I have to stroke him every two minutes. He's SUCH a fairweather friend though, I've barely seen him in the last month, other than me feeding him when he demands it, and him dropping off his "gifts". Dead bird just inside the catflap again this morning.

Currently reading The Keeper of Lost Things: The feel-good novel of the year! One of the books Erica gave me. It's a bit chick lit for my tastes, but quite lovely. That's where salmagundi comes from. I still delight in learning new things.

Today I cried. A little girl in Brazil made me cry, because she was so lovely. She sent me a wee video thanking me for something I'd done for her, and promising to study hard and keep in touch. She doesn't speak English, Bruno has been my translator. Why did I do this? I know someone who helps other people a great deal. Currently undergoing major mental health issues, but still has time for everybody else. I did it for them, and to help show that people do care.

The word salmagundi is derived from the French word salmigondis which means disparate assembly of things, ideas or people, forming an incoherent whole. Salmagundi is used figuratively in modern English to mean a mixture or assortment of things.

My life!


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