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Up with the larks! Not that we have any larks.

I am about to water the garden, because I've been out the last few nights, and been unable to do it. But enjoying a few moments of cat-free quiet, with a coffee.

Last night I made the super-sensible decision to simply have a coffee and go to bed once I'd arrived home. No more wine.

Yesterday was splendid. Such a gorgeous day, spend idly chatting and laughing with friends. I arrived feeling sad and lonely, and left in a much better frame of mind, at almost 11pm, with a bag of books to read and a very full tummy. Lots of play this time, possibly due to it being so warm well into the evening. Can't imagine what the neighbours think when they hear the whips cracking and the squealing, although some of the neighbours were there. The gay guys I adore, they're fabulous.

I woke up this morning in tears. Just a general feeling of heavy sadness. I'm going to attempt to shake it off with a busy day. I've cancelled my brunch date, he wasn't suitable anyway, it was just something to do. I think I may stay off dating etc for a while. I am clearly not in the right place emotionally for it. Just relax and enjoy this marvellous summer. Maybe love will just find me, it did before :)


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