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Thank you Mother Nature, for sending rain to nourish my lawn and flowers, but also for giving me extra time off from watering duties this evening.

With this extra time, I rode my bone shaker down to the Lee Navigation, and watched the geese and the ducks and the mighty swans. I watched the boat people going about boaty business, and fishermen going about angling business. I watched the dragonflies skate over the flat water surface, and I watched the midges swarm as the sun started to set.

I bade a very good evening to them all, and set off for home, where I stripped naked and threw my clothes in the washing machine, and carried on with the nakedness. I am comfortable in my skin you see.

On Sunday, we had some bants with two younger men outside. They were nice enough, but way too young and far too stupid for us. However, it was pleasant enough. But as we left, one asked if we were leaving, I said "fraid so" and carried on. His mate commented "I could have the skanky looking one with the scrawny legs, and you could have the fat one".

"No boys, I'm afraid we're out of your league. And always will be" and flashed the famous tits n teef before buggering off to spend some quality time with my friend.

They gawped, we got in our car and vanished.

It made me recall fun times in nudist camps. And on beaches. Where people aren't quite so judgey, except if you sit down minus you towel on the seat. Faux pas.

It's my bro's 50th and he's in Barcelona. I remember happy times on the gay beach there.

Have a most excellent Tuesday evening lovely people.


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