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Lunch with my second oldest client today, Ivo from Holland, he's adorable! I love the gay ones the best :)

Then a Mumbai-worthy bus ride (bad move!) in to the city. A quiet cocktail by myself, people watching. And then on to the new munch. And who should I bump in to literally as I walked through the door - Little Nic, and I haven't seen her for 10 years! Mucho catchy-up. A few faces there, plus some lovely newbies. I left a bit early, being aware that I didn't have my bike lights with me, that's naughty in the dark!

Possible venue sourced for the possible venture. Just wary of how much of my time events suck up. But we shall see...

Was reminded by somebody wiser than myself that he who embarks on a new relationship, lying from the offset, isn't likely to morph into a trustworthy partner. Could only nod sadly.

And came home to yet another dead bird present! Last night git-Bengal was walking across the conservatory roof at 12.45 and 03.10. I know this because it woke me up both times. It's so loud and frightening when it's right outside an open window. And of course I have to get up and look! It's not just the heat I have to contend with. Of late, Murph has been sleeping on the 4 poster and Fatso sleeps across the windowsill on the landing, which is canny, as he gets the cool breeze. Last night was so humid, Murphy stayed out all night and I found Fatso fast akip on the bathroom mat this morning. They're both fed and out now, so guessing they're not happy or settled in the heat again tonight.

Friday brings a blood moon, of some note apparently. And a lunar eclipse. And an especially radiant Mars. I'm going to have dinner and bath when I get home, and then go out and moonbathe naked. It's been a while since I communed with the goddesses. Things being as they are, smothered in Jungle Formula. 21.20. It's a date!


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