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Earnin' n Learnin'

The ongoing Rod Kelson lie n cheat saga completely distracted me, but nae more!

I had signed up for a BSL course. He's going deaf, so I though it would be useful. My lovely friend Mel is also deaf, and I'm going down to Wiltshire to stay with them in August, and I am hoping to have completed modules 1 & 2 by then.

Am contemplating starting a CFNM party. ‘Best balls’ ( size, firmness, bounce and overall look and feel) and ‘ring toss, guys lying on the floor with their legs open while the women throw plastic rings onto the men’s erect penises. Best "helicopter". Cock decorating. ‘Edging competition’, men were brought to the point of orgasm without cumming – if you cum, you fail. Two women per man, and they’d each take it in turn masturbate him. When he gets close to cumming they stop – that’s one edge. Repeat. Distance wanking competition. Maybe some bumming. Before and after measurements. Needs some work, and research. And a venue of course.

Today, lovely lunch with Donna. Jel of her going to the Frida exhibition at the V&A, I'd like to see that! D is looking amazingly well. And she's making me a frocky wocky, which is always good news! Sadder news of another friend though :(

Right, no more internetz. Water the garden, bathe myself in prep for tomorrow's events, cook some dins, and get researching. It's really humid this evening, and my bites are itching a LOT.


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