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Jul. 23rd, 2018

Bloody good night out, cheap red and on the bike either way from the station. Good company.

. And interesting to hear about the not-for-profit sector. Didn't quite have Rod's insight and humour, but fun none-the-less.

Behold, the photo of Rod he asked no less than 7 times for. Copyright @ Tony Betts. Tony has taken some excellent photos of me for the last 15+ years, and even some of the old "us" at various fet venues. He's even on hold to do some commercial work for the hotel. This isn't Rod's best shot, but he doesn't dress up like we used to, the glory days, long gone. Having said that, nobody does now do they. Throw some cheap undies on and you're away. It's all about a fumble in the dark. Not the dark arts. Finesse has gone. The sexiness has been replaced by the ability to stick your fingers up some receptacle. The private circuit is proving more intriguing. Thankfully.

Full marks to him. He's kept his gorgeous bod trim. Hardly any difference. This pic is edited to save the blushes of my devoted readers.

He won't see these as he's not going to stalk here or my FB any more. Quite rightly, he should concentrate on his new relationship. He and Tony have been friends for years, although Rod rarely bothers with friendships with the male of the species, but he can get his own copies, should he so desire.

It's hard to compare the pix with imaprtiallity, when you know every contour, freckle and skin tag on somebody else's body. But he's dun good over the years, credit where it's due.

Today has been super-whizzo on the work front as well as the personal front. Phones didn't start working til 4pm! Inconvenient, most certainly, but we got a lot done! School's out and we are in almost full holidaymaker mode. I've pretty much done what I can for this period, the target will be aced, so time for me to focus my crosshairs into the next.

Back smothering myself with Anthistan, I got eaten alive on Sunday evening in the garden. Seriously, all to be talked at! Itching like crazy.

Lunch n dresses with Donna tomorrow :))


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